Our Team

Jean-Michel MorissonSERVICE MANAGER

    Chuck LaughlinPRESIDENT

      Ron StoddardBROKER

      Mike LecholopBROKER

      Mike ThoneyBROKER

        Andy LeeBROKER

          Scott PickardBROKER

            Peter KurkiBROKER
            Wilmington, MC

              Eddie BrownRIGGING SPECIALIST

                Russell LongELECTRONICS SPECIALIST

                  Donna ChaceCOMPTROLLER

                    Maggie GarrettADMINISTRATIVE COORDINATOR


                      Chuck & Amanda
                      Ron tells us that it was the two of you who made all the boat ownership papers happen so quickly.  They arrived yesterday afternoon.  It sure makes things easier for us to have them arrive so promptly.  We thank you for all the extra effort and for sending them Priority Mail Express 1-Day.  You guys at St. Barts sure run a first class operation.
                      The boat arrived Friday and we went over to see it immediately.  She is lookin’ really good!  We are already in contact with Eddie and have exchanged a couple of phone calls and texts with him. It is great to be working with him again.  We had to give him the bad news that they did not install the 2nd cabintop winch in the factory, again.  This is a bummer for him as it was very difficult last time to get the tool from Beneteau that he must use to get the job done.  We feel bad for him but are not worried at all.  Eddie lets nothing stop him.
                      Next time we get over to All Seasons we will take a photo and email it to you,
                      Thank you Amanda, Chuck and Ron for all you do for us.

                      — Marjorie and Juergen